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In 2007 we began a new publishing method that we call "dynamically publishing."  This means that as changes are required the documents are edited and then posted here, thereby giving you the most up-to-date information.  Use the modification date as a reference tool to find out if that particular data dictionary has undergone changes.  The Fact Book was our first dynamic publication, but now all of our publications are produced in this manner.  

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 2014 Dynamic Fact Book

The Fact Book is another one of our "dynamic publications."  The initial version of the Fact Book is normally posted in late fall with the final version anticipated in the early part of the following year. 

Use the chart below to track the progress of the current publication.

 Revise Date Action Taken

ADDED: Fall Headcount Enrollment, Annual Headcount Enrollment, FTE Enrollment, Program Enrollment, Credit Program Completers, and Employee Information



EDIT:  Table 5.3T header correction.


ADDED: Facilities.  EDIT: Correction made to 4.9T.



EDIT: Changes in Fall Enrollment for one college. Fact Book pages 1.1F, 1.3T, 1.4T, 1.5F, and 1.7T have been removed.



ADDED: Financial Information – excluding 7.2T and College Center for Library Automation.



ADDED: Financial Information – Table 7.2T.


 Finalized Fact Books (see above for current year)


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